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Choi Sora for Nylon Korea June 2013


"Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too. So I stayed in the darkness with you"

Magi Week Day 3: Love or Color


"ja'far loves the kingdom of sindria & sinbad more than anyone else"

magi week: day 3 | love or color
(photo of the quote credit to kuu! thanks again ouji <3)


Praetors of New Rome + wolf glares


and a separate creepy stare post for the Underworld kids uwu


… Greek intimidation tactics are many and varied


Something I’ve wanted to draw for a long while now! I know Nico has this reputation as this big brooding baby and I see him drawn with such closed body language all the time (hands in pockets, arms crossed) but I also love that he canonically speaks with his hands? I mean. Guys, he’s Italian. In his introduction we see him and Bianca making very loud hand gestures and I don’t think that kind of body language just goes away just because he’s sad all the time now - I still think he should have very expressive hands uwu

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「行くぜ」 // つきや @pixiv

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❝ I C A N ’ T  M O V E ,  I C A N ’ T  M O V E. ❞

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